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Single Origins

Dive into the essence of coffee with our Single Origins Collection. Each batch captures the unique terroir of its origin, delivering an unparalleled tasting experience. It's not just a cup; it's a passport to the world of exceptional coffee.

Colombia - Canche CoffeeColombia - Canche Coffee
Colombia Sale priceFrom $23.00
Ethiopia Natural - Canche CoffeeEthiopia Natural - Canche Coffee
Ethiopia Natural Sale priceFrom $23.00
Guatemala - Canche CoffeeGuatemala - Canche Coffee
Guatemala Sale priceFrom $23.00
Bali Blue - Canche CoffeeBali Blue - Canche Coffee
Bali Blue Sale priceFrom $23.00
Brazil Santos - Canche CoffeeBrazil Santos - Canche Coffee
Brazil Santos Sale priceFrom $23.00
Costa Rica - Canche CoffeeCosta Rica - Canche Coffee
Costa Rica Sale priceFrom $23.00
Papua New Guinea - Canche CoffeePapua New Guinea - Canche Coffee
Papua New Guinea Sale priceFrom $23.00
Peru - Canche CoffeePeru - Canche Coffee
Peru Sale priceFrom $23.00
Tanzania - Canche CoffeeTanzania - Canche Coffee
Tanzania Sale priceFrom $23.00
Honduras - Canche CoffeeHonduras - Canche Coffee
Honduras Sale priceFrom $23.00
Nicaragua - Canche CoffeeNicaragua - Canche Coffee
Nicaragua Sale priceFrom $23.00
Mexico - Canche CoffeeMexico - Canche Coffee
Mexico Sale priceFrom $23.00
Peru Decaf - Canche CoffeePeru Decaf - Canche Coffee
Peru Decaf Sale priceFrom $23.00